Couples always breakup on the best beaches in Phuket when I’m there

I would like to tell you exactly why this happens, but I don’t know why is that when I am relaxing in any of the лучшие пляжи на Пхукете there is always a couple too. And they start quarreling. The first time I noticed it happening, I was at a Patong Phuket hotel leaving to go to the beach when I find myself hearing those background voices I heard since I left the Patong hotel.

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It was they, the couple who would later split between screams and shouts. He, tall and foreign, was with her, a blonde with dyed hair and extremely fluorescent lipstick. We were going in the same direction, then at some point, I didn’t hear them or saw them anymore.

I found them when I went to eat. I decided to go get ice cream, but I found nothing but slush and so I walked around a bit. When I found the best ice cream at Swensens, I also found them, who were fighting, one more time.


I remember he was telling her he was tired. He was tired of his attitudes, but I didn’t understand if he was accusing her of cheating on him. I was quietly licking my ice cream thinking about how much easier it was for a man to get out of any Patong hotel and take three steps before finding a prostitute. But he seemed offended.

The voice of a wounded man could be heard in his tone of voice. The two broke up, but not there while I was eating ice cream. When I returned to the beach, they followed me because they had a place on the пляж патонг not far from mine. I saw them fighting, moving away until next to the waves of the sea until I no longer heard them. But who knows, maybe they are still there insulting each other.

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