Remembering Phuket old town and that time I lost my keys

patong city hotel

I was at the buffet restaurant, talking amicably to a gentleman about my return from Симиланские острова and how it reminded me of the atmosphere of the Phuket old town when I realize that I no longer feel the keys in my pocket. I immediately panicked: I returned to the places of the Phuket attractions that I had visited since I left the Patong city hotel. But first, I finished eating.

It was not clear to me where I might have lost the keys. I wasn’t even sure I had them in my pocket that morning. Or rather, I was torn between the certainty of having felt them dangling in my pocket and the idea of ​​having only imagined that they were there. All I could think about was a prayer: I hoped I hadn’t lost them at the Sunday walking street market.

I was so upset that only after half an hour I did remember returning to sleep the day before. So I must have lost the keys that morning. I pep-talked myself and recalled the whole path I had taken. I then went back to see every single place of the Phuket attractions visited before the afternoon snack, and then I reconstructed the path through the streets of Старый город Пхукета from which I had strolled.

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I asked in some stores if they had seen my keys. I found myself asking passers-by if there was a place to recover lost items. I even approached a police officer in the hope that he could help me.

In the end, I found the keys thanks to a very kind manager of a kiosk where I had had breakfast. Fortunately, he had found the keys and kept them aside in case I returned. Another demonstration of how kind and friendly the inhabitants of Phuket can be.

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