Went to Karon beach hotel to tailor Bangkok cap

Near the Karon beach hotel, a famous Bangkok stylist participated in a series of Karon beach activities to promote his brand. This is one of the things you должен сделать на Пхукете, so when I was able to approach the stylist after he moved away from the Karon hotel to tailor Bangkok caps at the event, where I got one.

I should probably call it a बैंकॉक hat. Thai fashion has a lot of street culture but also a touch of tradition. The brim of the hat is longer, and the fabric is very light, hand-tied (probably). I thought it was made of cotton but I think it’s a mix of straw and some other light fabric.

Going around looking for fashionable clothing is something you must do in пхукет. There are many specialized shops where not only the staff is very kind and professional, but they have good quality items at very fair prices. I always end up buying double: if I want to buy a suit, I leave the shop that I bought two and the manager maybe even gifting me 2 ties. These are things that often happen in Phuket.

Near my favorite Karon hotel, there is also one of the best tailors I know. This tailor offers great attention to detail and versatile designs. I am always hard-fought when I want to create something tailored because each style is different: in the same way, if I had to choose the best tailors in the area, one is certainly the one near the Karon beach hotel and the other is probably a tailor from Bangkok who has a fantastic eye for the latest fashion trends.

The atmosphere of Karon beach is very suitable for activities that require tranquility, relaxation and good humor. The stylist made me choose a hat, and then together we personalized it with at the end of the whole process, the designer’s signature.

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